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This is an exercise by Descente in sustainability concerning environmental conservation.
Descente is contributing to the creation of a world where people can continue to enjoy their sports activities by manufacturing products that make maximum use of naturally-derived materials, and implementing recycling activities by collecting used products. We are starting with making efforts to connect present-day products to the future, in the manner of Linking – one of the knitting methods for apparel products. For the children creating the future, we are striving to help bring about a circular economy that has a low impact on the global environment.

Build logo type

The RE: DESCENTE BUILD Series was created specifically to utilize fabric waste generated in garment manufacturing as much as possible, reconstructing the saved resources with new value as saleable garments. Innovative efficient pattern placement that minimizes fabric wastages, by using our accumulated craftsmanship to add new value to such otherwise wasted resources, we aim to lighten the environmental burden and give them a useful life as new garments.

Birth logo type

The aim of the RE: DESCENTE BIRTH series is to bring about a recycling-oriented economy by re-creating apparel products from apparel products, utilising RENU materials – fabric cuttings and remnants/scraps generated in the manufacturing process – and used clothing as the basic raw materials. So a vital part of our “from clothes to clothes” activity is working to collect used garments.

Seed logo type

The RE: DESCENTE SEED series uses mainly functional, naturally derived materials – with biodegradability the keyword for all of them. And not only for the fabrics. We are very particular in selecting associated trim materials that are also biodegradable. The focus of the whole series is to express both care for the environment as well as natural comfort.